Restart unity on iOS ?

Hi all,
I would like to restart the engine Unity on the iphone. For this purpose we have adapted to the AppController. We use the “Unitycleanup” function to quit Unity. But if we start the “Unity InitApplication” function a second time, then the app crashes. We have now noticed that there is a problem with the “RegisterAllStrippedInternalCalls” function. Therefore, the question of how you can disable the mono-modules.



You can not restart Unity in general I fear, once terminated ‘its gone’
till its started fresh. Its
potentially important to mention that
Unity is no SDK for usage in other
applications nor does it support that
on any platform. It generates self
contained applications which are meant
to be expanded through additional
things (> plugins which are available
on both unity licenses on mobiles) if
you have need for platform specific

Once Unity is started it has to remain
there or its gone for the rest of the
applications lifetime