Restart your Application via Script

Hi, I’m creating an app that has the option to change Anti Aliasing at run time. Unfortunately Unity has trouble doing this on Android and it causes huge errors likely related to not destroying and recreating the renderers. (I will create a separate Question on this)

So to avoid this I would like my application to quit upon changing Anti Aliasing and to reopen with the new Anti Aliasing settings.

Thanks in advance

Can’t you do what most games do upon major settings change? - “Changes of X will not take effect till you restart the game” or something. - You can hack it, whenever the user changes the settings, don’t overwrite what you have, store them in a suitable structure, when your game loads, load the settings that’s in that structure (by default, let that structure at the beginning store your default settings) - maybe you could let that structure communicate with some XML - what say you?