Restrain transform from parent object


I hav a gun (Parent), with it attached a guitexture (child)

Now when i move the gun in world space, the guitexture moves with it ofcors, however is it possible to keep the guitexture attached to the gun as a child and still retain the guitextures position in world space.

Is there a 'Restrain transform from parent object' snipit Oh yes the guitexture has to be parented with the gun

Thanx in advanced, i have searched quit a but have found anything

There is no distinction between hierarchical parenting and transform parenting in Unity. You can store a position for the child, and manually set the transform.position of it to be that stored value, every frame, but it's probably best if you question why "the guitexture has to be parented with the gun". If anything, the gun should be parented to the GUI Texture, but more likely, each of them should simply have the same parent (one you haven't implemented yet), which never moves, if you need the organization.