Restrict the particles system, Even when the gameobject is rotating .

Hi All,

I am newbie to particle system in Unity. Currently i am working on latest particles 

system to get the basic air effect. These particles are stable and flowing as my need.

Now the problem is: As when i move/rotate the parent gameobject, The particles are splitting for a movement.

Kindly check the below images:

  1. Without Movement/Rotation:

2)With Movement/Rotation:

In 2nd case they are exploring and taking few seconds to get the correct effect.

Kindly help me to fix the particles exploring effect(Moving out off the pipe) while move/Rotation of the Object.

Advance Thanks…

Set the Particle System’s simulation space to Local.

Dear Cherno,

Actually, i have already solved the issue after my posting in forum.

Thank you Very much for your quick reply.