retagging all questions? (do you want me to stop?)

I apologize to open a new question for this, but since (because of me) most people have migrated from ‘active’ to ‘newest’ (and those who stayed ignore posts ‘by me’ for obvious and good reasons), this is the only way to reach some audience…

Occasion is this comment by Dreamblur here:


@SisterKy Could you please stop retagging a gajillion questions whenever you get online? I appreciate your zeal in trying to better the current system, but you have really been going overboard. You’ve been retagging locked questions questions that have already been labeled as closed, as well as unanswered questions that have long been abandoned. It doesn’t really help anyone to have those retagged since anyone who carelessly clicks on them is definitely not someone who reads tags anyway. Also, since retagging bumps the question, you’ve been flooding the front page with those types of questions, while pushing the new questions to the back pages.
(1 hour ago)



I am aware of this problem and I apologized for it before, and I apologize again. I already requested that retagging will not be noted as ‘activity’ anylonger and mattdz promised he’d look into that.

Though I am aware that it is not the ideal solution, you can select the ‘newest’ instead of the ‘active’ page to avoid my ‘spam’. I’m hardly showing up there.

Honestly, I’m pretty annoyed about this myself. Doing work for the community should - if not be rewarded - at least not be punished… Being perceived as a Spammer certainly is punishment. Also, I get the feeling my ‘real’ posts are lost in my own ‘spam’. I repeatedly requested to get some feedback on whether what I’m doing is ‘the right thing’, but nothing… :frowning:

However, I’d like to defend my retagging of closed and abandoned questions.

  1. since there is no proper tag-search-function implemented, I’m trying to weed out the tag-list, so if you search something manually in the alphabetic list, you have an actual chance to find what you are looking for in any reasonable amout of time.

  2. I’d like to especially defend the retagging of the closed topics, as I’m removing all their tags except for ‘flagged-for-close’ if they have no valuable answer. So they won’t show up in the search for a particular topic at all and people might get less frustrated with searching.

  3. honestly, I don’t think it will make any difference on the annoyance level, whether I retag closed questions or not. If I ignore them, I’ll retag others that will get in the way all the same. It’s either retagging or no retagging…

Well… ok then… let’s put it to vote then. Do you think I’m an ass? Do you want me to stop? Then please up-vote Dreamblur. However, if you think I’m doing a good job, I could somewhat need the encouragement… And either way, please comment on my tag-management-topics.

Greetz, Ky.

Personally i find it slightly annoying. I use the active page rather than newest and as such have been reading lots of old posts lately. On the other hand I feel like you’ve had a real impact on this place and got people talking, which I think is a good thing.

I can see the merit in your endevour and I feel like the reasoning is sound, in that you are that making the knowledge base more organised and easier to search. However I feel like there are a number of factors in the system working against you:

  1. The vast majority of questions on here will never help anyone other than the OP.
  2. Things change quickly with Unity, an answer that was relevant a year ago may not remain relevant.

I feel like the subset of Unity Questions/Answers that are actually generic, useful and timeless is quite small. I think it would better serve the community to focus on tidying up the good questions and just leaving the unaswered/closed/forgotten questions to continue to collect dust.

I would like to add that I really appreciate your enthusiasm, the world could use more people like you.

As I said in your earlier question, I think having a spread of tags is actually a good thing. That way if people actually do search and have a typo they are more likely to get helped.

Perhaps, if you want to be super useful, just make a list, in a text editor of your choice, of tags that are related in some way. (So, for example, max, 3dsmax, 3ds, 3d smax, 3ds Max might all relate to the same 3d editor.) Then, once we have such a list, perhaps Matt@dzon can do some database processing behind the scenes and convert the tags without you having to do any brute force work, or, we can just have a uber-question somewhere that lists the related tags, or, we can ask dZone to consider having some fuzzy logic search that guesses what you are searching for, and gives you more hits.

since we got a non-activating retag-button I killed ~ 900 Tags (15 pages of tag-list)… do I get a cookie?


Greetz, Ky.

I think most problems will be fixed as soon as tags will simple be separated with spaces again. Then 3ds max, 3d max and 3d smax can’t exist so everybody uses 3dsmax.

It’s a little annoying in terms of the front page churn, but that’s what the “newest” sort order is for. I’m not sure if it’s the most efficient use of your time as far as improving the quality of support for Unity folks (have you considered doing some gardening on the wiki? it’s a good resource now, but it could be a great one) but I definitely think it’s a good thing to do, and “avoiding front page churn” is not a sufficient reason to not do it.

  1. re-tagging is a valuable service
  2. the current flood of re-tagging is breaking the system

As you mentioned, there may be some solution in the near future to prevent re-tagging from bumping questions to the top of the queue. My suggestion is that you stop until that solution is in place.

Using the ‘newest’ view is not the same as using the ‘active’ view - you don’t get to see which questions are actually getting responses/updates with the flood constantly clearing them out.

Wouldn’t it help when every person who created a new tag gets the question if the doesn’t meant one of the more common tags who looks like his tag.

I think tags are useful, and re-tagging questions is useful too. I often use tags to navigate this site (that’s for instance, the only way I am able to find the meta questions.)

Many questions are not tagged correctly, which makes them harder to find, which is why I think re-tagging is a good thing.

I would suggest that you wait until they implement the feature that does not bump the questions though, and perhaps concentrate on the newest questions so that users also learn to tag correctly.