Retargeting Unity Windows store app to Windows 8.1


I have developed a very simple application in unity 4.2.1f for Windows store. I created it in the Windows 8, where it worked fine.

Today, I have updated my system to Windows 8.1. Now, when I build the app and open it in visual studio express 2013, it asks for retarget the app to windows 8.1. I followed the steps on this link

to retarget the app. Upon migrating the app from windows store 8 to Windows 8.1, the app is not working. It starts by displaying default unity splash screen with unity logo on it, and after that it comes to a black screen. However, It is not showing up any error or crash, it just displays a blank screen.
PS: I have included the scene while building the project. The scene is non-empty, it cosists of a plane, with a random animation.
My windows version is : Windows 8.1 Pro
Visual studio version : Visual studio Express 2013
Unity version : Unity 4.2.1f
Windows SDK version : 8.1

Please help me to get it working.


Hi Bakshish,

How did you fixed that?