Retiring the Unity Job Forums


Over the years, the Unity Forums have been a place for Unity users to come together, learn and discuss all content related to Unity. In that time, our community has grown immensely, and we're proud that we're able to provide these forums as a way for you all to discuss and support each other in your journey as a developer. As part of our journey as a company, late last year we brought Unity Connect into open beta as our professional network and community hub, and it's come a long way since then.

We've been running notifications on the affected forums, but this is our friendly reminder. One week from today, on October 31st, 2017 we will be closing the doors on our Job Seeking, Job Offering and Non-Commercial Collaboration boards. Fret not, as one door closes, another opens. Unity Connect is designed for creators to get discovered, visionaries to find talent for their job or task, and recruiters searching for that perfect fit.

We encourage you to get started by creating your Unity Connect profile and posting your jobs, tasks and collaboration requests there


Good, because the number of scammers/wannabe programmers on these section has been extra high over the years.

I might sound silly, but after being used to the Unity forums for so long, Unity Connect seems so confusing :(
Will take some time to learn how to navigate through it.


Honestly. My conversation rate (selling programming work) on Unity Forum was good. The conversion rate at Unity connect is really bad. There is a lot of spam and “unpaid” jobs.
I can say, by experience, using both daily, that the quality of the posted jobs at Unity Connect is very very low, compared with the Forum.
Maybe for Unity is a good move to force everybody to use the new tool. But neither the tool is ready, nor people were willing to do all the registration and profile creation to find a freelancer.
I think this is a bad move for the market and specially for freelancer like me.


This seems a bad idea having everything bundled into 1 place instead of the easier to navigate seperate forum listing seems a step backwards.


Regarding chat rooms:

I believe that connect has a poorly designed set of rooms. There's too many of them. And - let me be honest - it's too sociable and childish for anyone to seriously consider for business.

Some key things need to be done.

  • Don't treat connect like unity forums. It's live, so funnel users into 4 chat channels only: audio, art, code and services
  • DON'T do offtopic or anything fun
  • Keep it business. Look at linked in and see what you could do better and more relevant
  • Anyone with relevant unity qualification should have a different coloured name

Then, just maybe, someone with money will take it seriously.

These live chatrooms need to link up to jobs boards. It needs to be about doing business, and promoting unity titles / services. Need much more seriousness to it.


The new "unity connect" seems very much like it was designed to look good, not to be useful.
Its slower to navigate and takes longer to sift through people / projects.

Also, I can only agree with @hippocoder , it doesn't feel very serious.


I think Unity's had a pretty good childhood but now is becoming a teenager, and has all these wild ideas.


Bad news for me. I do freelancing for a living for more than a year now. My one and only source of clients was this forum. I'll find a way to get by, but I have a request to Unity crew. Could you leave a button or something in place of "Commercial" link that would link to the Unity Connect? Probably not all the clients (people that want a task to be done) are aware of a new platform.

I also feel sorry for freelancers that were active on forums to show and prove their skills to get a better jobs. Now it is no longer connected to their profiles so it's gone.


Can't say I agree with this move at all, the unity forums is where the community goes and is much easier to find for most users. I didn't even know unity connect was a thing until I just read it here. (As a casual user of unity and browser of the forums.)

On top of that there is no way to just advertise yourself, you can't throw out a big net, you've got to apply to little jobs (Most of which aren't even paid/decently paid) at least with the forum people had to COME TO YOU, with a good pitch and a good money figure. (Giving the worker the power, which in a market full of scammers and people who want high quality work for below minimum wage is required)

Sadly you've taken the power away from the freelancers and opened it up to more abuse, gone are the days where you could shame scammers on the forums for example.

On top of this unity connect is VERY hard to use, I'm a freelance artist and I will be avoiding it myself, just because its not the norm. But as now theirs no real way to build up a profile of yourself, to show off your work for anyone who might just be browsing. I'm aware theirs a small profile for creators, but its what? 3 screenshots and 3 - 4 words? It's hardly the same level, and there's no way to mention the sort of jobs you're best for taking, what rates you are after, you have to "connect" before you can get all that information, which is just a waste of time compared to the forums where a good user would list all of this information right off the bat.

I really think getting rid of the job forums was a mistake and one I hope the unity team rethinks and revisits. Unity Connect has it's place, its a good service but NOT as a replacement for a forum where you can quickly advertise yourself to more indie groups.


Just to clarify here, there is much more to Unity Connect than the discussion rooms. It was first created to be a professional network, meaning you can post your work for recruiters to find, or browse the job listing page to find something you’re interested in applying for.

That being said, thank you all for the feedback. We are always looking into how we can better support everyones needs on both Unity Connect and the Unity Forums so this feedback is valuable to helping us grow.


Yeah totally true but it needs to be serious to be taken seriously :)
And as it's about financial things, I think everyone takes that seriously (retiring collab forums etc)... so it was a bit of a shock to see how the chat stuff was playing out.


I'm not at all interested (and became negatively interested when Buhlaine mentioned getting pestered by recruiters) but I had a look, where's the logic of having two different chatrooms for people looking for projects and seeking to fill them?

It seems like whichever side of that you are on you would be hanging out in both? (because if you are looking to hire you are naturally interested in people offering services, and if you are offering services you are naturally interested in services that are needed, I can't wrap my head around these being two different discussion rooms, unless the chat is meant to be meta, about finding such rather than actually connecting the groups)

I have used the section before, not just on my personal account but friend of mine have used it… Its full of scammers, by this I mean programming scammers, the problem of pretending to start project then disappearing is a common trick. Another issue is they want stupid amount of money for templates they taken and little code. The section needs be shut down asap… I do feel sorry for genuine people who trying make some living out of it, maybe different sections for different type of work, artists and programmers totally different thing, so the complexity of the scam is different. Unity cannot help as its a middle man…

Unity isn't even a middle man, it's a transaction between two individuals and not Unity. What Unity did was give people a space to tear each other apart. It's possible the new connect site will at least allow some verification of identity (which helps with accountability via certification) and a reasonable amount of pain for repeat offenders.

It's not so much I'm defending Unity more than seeing it's probably better than the forums. But it still could improve quite a bit further with some nudges.


I did not have this problem even once yet.

May I ask for much experience you have in programming? I’m asking because I think the more you know about a topic, the better you can tell real programmers from fakers.

Personally I’d consider myself an excellent programmer and all the tasks I hire people for are basically grunt work that I have thoroughly planned. So maybe that’s why its very unlikely for me to fall into a trap/scam like this.

I’m not trying to judge here at all, I just want to try to understand how getting scammed like that works?
Why would someone just disappear when they could just as well do the work and not risk a bad review or something?

From my experience, if you a) thoroughly verify that someone is actually capable of doing the requested work and b) take multiple hours to talk with them about the task, your project, what exactly you expect etc…
then things will go fine.

Not saying you’re not taking the necessary precautions, its entirely possible that I’m just lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

I just thought of something. Maybe the problem is the expectation of “many people being available”. Which is not really the case at all.
There are not really tons of programmers out there who are a good match for the job you might have (whatever that job is).
It might take multiple months to find someone.

Maybe that’s how people get scammed? They think they have a huge choice of applicants when in reality they have maybe one guy? And they don’t even do basic vetting?

Just a pure guess…

I will try explain the scam in simple words:

Scam 1:
User looks for a programmer on the message boards or makes posting.
He is contacted by multiple individuals, they provide some info
They all seem to know programming to some degree.
They then proceed by adding on skype to further interact.
You provide details, they provide quote price…
You sign contract with them over the net, as most them use fake locations.
They ask for initial payment to see if serious or not…you send paypal etc.
They do some work for few days, a week. Then make excuse they ill
You never see them again, blocked on skype etc. Paypal despute sometimes works, sometimes not.
Now some of the scammers are advanced where they provide some evidence work is being done.
Then again disappear.

Ask for a large come of money, they then find someone cheap in their home town, subcontract
the work, poor guy gets paid peanuts, while middle man takes all the cash…

I wrote this fast as explaining it fully would take some time, there a few scams/rip off artists on here.
They create multiple profiles, you can see as there post count is low.

@MrEsquire what you desribe is the problem of a freelancers' market in general. Not the Unity Forums problem. Closing the forum isn't a cure.

I agree that Unity Connect is great for someone who wants to find a full-time job. It's like a portfolio page but even better because it gives an opportunity to reach out employers.

For freelancers it has some flaws. For example, forums are a well-known place to look for a freelancer to do your job. Something new called "Unity Connect" is not so obvious. That is why I would like to see a link from forums to Unity Connect in a place where "Commercial" always was.

For me there is a lack of something similar to "Mark forum as read". I don't want to "skip" all new tasks manually. I don't even know if maybe "skipping" has some impact that I should avoid?

edit: I wasn't aware of these discussion channels untill now. I can't see how it can be good...
Let's say I am looking for a programmer to make a game for me. I post a job (I mean task) on Unity Connect. Why should I also post a message in a discussion channel? Shouldn't it be well-visible for all potential programmers from the beginning?
As a freelancer, should I search for jobs (I mean tasks) on "" or in the discussion channel?
Also when I advertise myself in the channel called "Commercial: Job Seeking", my message would likely to be not visible in a week or two (people don't scroll so much to find me). It would be nice if I could advertise more than once. Probably once in a month or so. It could be automatically checked to avoid spammers.


Please allow us to dismiss the message about the jobs board that is appearing at the top of every forum page. We have been allowed to dismiss all previous messages.


I checked out the site and it's kind of bad.

  • The links at the top don't tell you where they're going, breaking browser accessibility.
  • Nothing opens in a new tab. Actually nothing.
  • Floating bars at top and bottom overlapping everything.
  • Clicking a project pops it up in a modal window. Visiting same url will give an actual page. Why silly pop-up?

Until these are fixed, I would never use it.