Retrieve Colliding faces Between Sphere Collider And Mesh Collider

Hello, everyone!

I’m doing some collision detection between a sphere and a mesh. I want to retrieve the detail information of the collision result, such as the faces of the mesh that are colliding with the sphere. The reason I want to do this is that I want to calculate a contact force based on the collision result and do some further simulation work. I don’t want Unity3D to do all the physics work for me.

So here comes the question, is there any way I can retrieve more detailed collision information between a sphere collider and a mesh collider? By more detailed information, I mean the colliding faces information of the mesh collider.

Any opinion is appreciated! Thank you all!

I’ve solved this problem myself.

I could not retrieve the colliding faces between a sphere collider and mesh collider. The reason I want to do this at the first place is to calculate the force based on these information. Now I found out that the member value “impluse” of Collision is what I need. Unity3D has already calculated the force for us.

I should read the documentations more carefully before asking this silly question!