Retrieving all AssetBundlesDependencies from manifests files

Hi, am using AssetBundleManager and exploring on how to access all the information stored in the the so called manifest files (.manifest).


The above call, would retrieve all the manifest files contained in a folder, taken from the “master” manifest, it works fine.

The problem is that, I want to retrieve all asset bundles contained in each of those manifests.
So far I tried using the call



But it only returns the values of dependencies within the assetBundle, and NOT the assets.
How is possible to get access to this data?

In the official documentation I haven’t found more options, Asset BundleManifest

If there is no way of getting that kind of information, perhaps I can write some info to the “master” manifest, any information on how to do that also appreciated.


It seems the only way around for this problem is to parse the file in separate functions, it doesn’t seem to be any implementation for this kind of functionality.

I will use System.IO and such classes.

Thank you.