Retrieving IAB prices from Google Play with Soomla

I’m using Soomla for my game’s in-app purchases, but I can’t figure out how to get the prices of things from the play store. I can’t just use the number I provide in the PurchaseWithMarket constructor because it doesn’t get converted to different currencies.

I know that some part of Soomla is getting the price from the play store because the log shows:

Got item details:
Title:test_item (Test App)

I gave the PurchaseWithMarket the wrong price in my code so it must be getting the $1.99 from the store. But I can’t actually find where those lines are being logged from in the Soomla code (ctrl+f through the entire solution for “Got item details” shows no results) and the PurchaseWithMarket.Price variable always still shows the false value I gave it.

There is also a PurchaseWithMarket.MarketPriceAndCurrency variable which is a string that sounds like it should show exactly what I want … but it is null and never actually gets set. Finding all references to that variable in the solution shows that is it only ever assigned to in two locations, and neither of those actually seems to get called.

Does anyone have any experience with Soomla?

Hi, I recommend posting this question on . There is active community and our engineers are also answering questions there regularly.