returning array of gameobjects problem

Hey guys,

I have a function thats takes a few parameters and returns an array of gameobjects.

However, no matter what I try it shows me this error(points to the return line):

“error CS0029: Cannot implicitly convert type UnityEngine.GameObject[]' to UnityEngine.GameObject’”

Here’s my code:

    public class HELPER_ReturnColliderPos {
    	public static GameObject ReturnColliders(Vector3 point, GameObject[] gameobjects)
    		GameObject[] vectors = new GameObject[gameobjects.Length];
    		vectors = gameobjects;
    		//update collider positions and return
    		return vectors;

I could definitely use some input and any bit of it, is of course, much appreciated!

The function type is wrong: it should be GameObject (not GameObject) like below:

    public static GameObject[] ReturnColliders(Vector3 point, GameObject[] gameobjects)