Returning list of Triangles, Vertices or Points by raycasting through a mesh (iPhone)

I've got a detailed mesh of a car with a transparency texture to give the affect of 'windows'.

To keep the car looking solid (so you can't see through the doors when looking in the window) I've made sure that the inside of the car is also modeled.

This means there the vertices are doubled sided in some parts of the mesh.

What I'm trying to achieve is to select all vertices, points or triangles (either one, doesn't matter) when using RayCastAll.

When I raycastall through the mesh it only returns the first hit. I've checked the upperbound of the Vector3 array but it only contains 1 element and I've Debug.DrawRay the ray that I'm using and it does pass right through.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Although the documentation isn't really clear on this, RaycastAll returns hits of all colliders hit, but per collider only 1 hit. So it doesn't give you all hits for one collider, just the nearest one.