Returning to menu screen through pause menu. No sound.


I had just created my pause menu, and I have a problem.

My main menu has music, sound and a fade in/out script. The music comes from a Game Object attached to the camera and the screen fades when I start the game.

When I quit back to the menu through the pause menu, there is no sound, music and the screen is still black from when it faded out. The sound should play on start, I have set it to.

I tried to disable the fade in/out script and yes, the menu does appear. So I know the game doesn’t just crash.

I really have no idea why this is, does anyone else know?

I dont really understand what youre doing. If your menu is a different scene, I use an empty gameobject called musicplayer, with playonawake on, and it works perfectly.

Don’t know if you can bump on Unity Answers, but I need help. So bump.

Had the same problem. Solved it by adding this in Start():

void Start ()
   AudioListener.volume = 1;