Reusing animation but they sync

Hello there.

I am trying to make a night sky with some of stars (2D game, btw). So I created a star prefab with an animator control on it and a script that randomly positions my star and tells it to wait a random number of seconds to start the shining animation (code below); when I put multiple star prefabs they start shining with random delay, which is what I expected, but suddenly they all sync… Their animations sync and it doesn’t seem random at al. Any idea?

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.Collections;

public class Star : MonoBehaviour
	Vector2 rndPos;
	float	rndPx;
	float	rndPy;
	RectTransform myRT;

	void Start ( )
		rndPx = Random.Range ( 0.05f, 0.95f );
		rndPy = Random.Range ( 0.5f, 0.95f );
		myRT = GetComponent<RectTransform>( );
		rndPos = new Vector2 ( rndPx, rndPy );

		myRT.anchorMin = myRT.anchorMax = rndPos;

		StartCoroutine ( initAnim ( ) );

	IEnumerator initAnim ( )
		yield return new WaitForSeconds ( Random.Range ( 0f, 3f ) );
		GetComponent<Animator>( ).SetBool( "animated", true );

Thanks in advance!

Ok, I think I came with a work-around…

Instead of this:

GetComponent<Animator>( ).SetBool( "animated", true );

I used this:

GetComponent<Animator>( ).Play ("Star Animated");

But I still wonder why my first approach didn’t work. It seems that the animations on each star “started” at the same time, even if I set the boolean to true at different times