Revealing only a section of the background in Unity2D

Hey guys, so in my 2D game, I have an isometric view, and what I’m trying to figure out, is essentially code something akin to Fog of War. What I want is for the background to be entirely white, except for in a large radius around my player. Inside that radius, you can see simply black outlines of the landscape, pre-drawn.

So I’ve tried my best at googling for the answer on how to do this, but what I can only find, are people recommending using Shaders. However, as much as I’ve searched for, anything teaching shaders is written in such advanced lingo, that a beginner like myself can’t even begin to decipher it. So I guess what I’m asking is, how would I go around doing this? If the answer is shaders, where can I learn what shaders are and how they work, hopefully dumbed down enough that a beginner like me can understand it?

I’ve seen both of these, and googled more. As I said in my original post, the things I’ve found via google, I don’t understand. I’m looking for a simpler tutorial that can walk me through it more easily than these, because honestly, I’m very new to this.