revenue restriction confusion?

i’m confused about “100K$ in annual”.if i use personal version, in 2015 i make 50k$,in 2016 i make revenue 70k$,have I to pay for unity in 2017??

if in 2017 a make 150k$,i pay for unity 12 months next, but in 2018 i only make 20k$,have i to pay in 2019??
sorry,but i dont understand the license!!!

It’s not really hard to understand. If you earn more than 100k in year X you have to purchase either Unity pro or Unity plus the next year “X+1”. The subscription lasts at least 12 month. If in year “X+1” you only have a turnover of 20k, you don’t need to continue the subscription.

ps: The requirement to get a plus or pro license only applies to the Unity editor. If you have created a game with Unity personal and you never use Unity again, you can sell that game and earn as much as you like. Only when you actually use Unity (have an active license that you’re using) you are bound to those rules. Of course usually when you want to ship updates / bugfixes you will need Unity.

To sum up in a sentence: If you earned enough in a year you have to pay for pro the next year. If you don’t you don’t.

However such concerns you usually only have in the beginning. As an indy developer your game either kind of “sucks” and you don’t earn more than 100k a year. Though if the game is a huge success and you really earn more than 100k you shouldn’t have much problems paying for pro.