Reverb? Reverb Zones?!?!?

Does anyone know how to set up a Reverb (zones) in Unity. I'm not a programmer but can copy and customize C# and Javascrip. I'm assuming it must be possible considering FMOD is Unity's built in audio engine...

In Unity 2.6, FMOD was just integrated as audio backend but not many of the features of FMOD were exposed.

As you can see in the Unity 3 coming soon announcement, this will change in 3.0 and some of the FMOD features (including reverb zones) will be exposed to Unity users:

Audio Magic

Unity 3 brings Reverb Zones, filters, tracker file support and a bunch of other goodies to the table. We're also introducing editable falloff curves for all major audio parameters, so you get complete control over your sound ambience.

So, Unity 3 will be great news for all us audiophiles ;-)

in the mean time, it is however possible (though a little more work and potentially an FMOD licensing issue) to use the FMOD 'plug-in' for Unity created by SquareTangle.

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