ReverbZone affects 2D sounds

I experienced a bug that when the player is at a reverb zone, all sound gets reverbed. This leads to unwanted behaviours e.g. that any UI-interaction stuff is also affected.

I have an interaction sound that plays from my soundmanager at origin position which its spatialblend set to 2D. But the zone is far off the origin, so i conclude that the position of the emitting audiosources has no effect, no matter it is 2D or 3D.

Everytime the player interacts, it starts playing this sound, but unfortunalty, since the reverb zone has logged an audiosource (the players’ feet-audioSource), all sound, including the interaction sound, is being reverbed.

How do I solve that?

Ahh, nevermind, had the “bypass reverbzone” on the interaction audiosource unchecked.