Reverse Lighting Problem?

I’m a little new to Unity so I apologize in advance if this is a noob problem haha.

I’m having an issue where I’ve imported a character from Autodesk Maya with a rig and several non-combined parts (that the rig hooks together, it has several parts because it’s a wooden man, like the ones animators use for reference). I’m having a problem where two of the parts (Right fore-arm and hand) are reflecting light differently than everything else. For these two parts, it looks as if the light is coming from the opposite side of the mesh, and therefore the side that’s darker on all the other body parts is lighter on these two objects.

I tried reversing the normals, but that didn’t do anything, and I also tried combining all the objects in Maya and re-importing (without touching the rig) but when i do that an even bigger problem arises where the entire mesh is not visible when I put it in the scene. If anyone can tell me why THAT’S happening, that would be helpful too, but mainly I just need to fix this lighting problem


@Jokeman258 Try to Correct your UVs. In Blender Unwrapping with “Lightmap Pack” option fixes the problem, while “Smart UV Project” can cause similar ‘reverse-light’ problems. Im not sure if Maya has those options but you definitley shouldnt have problems after unwrapping using seams.