Revert complex prefab structure (transform and enabled status of each gameobject child)

Hello, I would like to ask:
Given a prefab with many (random, always different, quantity) children, the player is able to interact with anyone of them changing it’s transform (position, rotation and scale) and/or disabling them.

Is it possible to “revert” the status of all the children, thus restoring the tranform and enable state of each gameobject (without destroying and re-instantiating the same prefab)?

Thank you

@noblex Of course it’s possible, but there’s no built in method for this.

The problem you’re trying to solve here is reverting the state of an object to a previous state. In order to do that, you will need to have a record/copy of the state you wish to revert to.

For a transform that could be a simple as the following:

public class Revertable : MonoBehaviour

    private Vector3 revertPosition;
    private Quaternion revertRotation;

    private void Awake()
        revertPosition = transform.position;
        revertRotation = transform.rotation;

    public void RevertTransform()
        transform.position = revertPosition;
        transform.rotation = revertRotation;