Reverting to Menu screen after game over

In my game basically if the player dies, the screen says “game over”. Now i want it to go to the main menu either by waiting 3 seconds or by clicking retry, only thing is i do not know how to do that. I did try to add an application.loadlevel and yield it for 3 seconds but i got an error here is the script

function OnGUI(){

	if (playerLives == 0 && player == null){
		GUI.Box(Rect(0,0,Screen.width, Screen.height), "Game Over");
		spawner.GetComponent(Enemy_Spawn).isON = false;
yield WaitForSeconds (4);
   Application.LoadLevel ("Menu");

i get an error talking about OnGUI() Cannot be a coroutine, i didnt know what that meant(Beginner). If anybody could help thank you

You cannot use ‘yield’ in callback functions that get called every frame. FixedUpdate, Update, and OnGUI are three functions you cannot use ‘yield’ in, and I believe anything callback with the string ‘Stay’ also is prohibited from being a coroutine. A solution is to move your functionality to its own function:

function WaitAndDie() {
    yield WaitForSeconds(4);
    Application.LoadLevel ("Menu");

Now you just call this function. Note you need to structure your code so that the function is only called once. That may be you put a boolean flag in your code and set once this function has been called.