Revised; a fancy method of adding value to a score?

I put revised in the title because I’ve asked this same question before, and the answer I got, I thought would work. But after diving in, I’m left frustrated. (well technically the answer was sound, it just didn’t give me the results I was after)

The look I’m going for is to have a value (score) get values added to it and have the score count up to that new value, hitting every number.

I’ve been playing around with Mathf.Lerp, as was suggested to me in the previous question, but they seem to only display certain numbers on its way to the new value.

So if I’m adding 25 to 100, and I’m using a lerp…I’ll maybe see the numbers 110,113,117,122 - 125. Which isn’t the look I’m going for. I want to see every number as the score races to its new value.

Anyone have any ideas, or have encountered this situation?

You haven’t explained why you don’t “see” the numbers. If you want to increase by 1 every frame, then do this:

void Update(){
 if (displayedScore != score) displayedScore++;