Reward playing for installing another game (Android)?

Hello guys,

I was wondering if you knew a way to achieve something like this (I’ve seen plenty of games doing it, and I’m sure many of them are done with Unity).

Let’s say you have a bunch of games in the store. You want to have a window in X game which tells the player “Install Y game and get 10 diamonds!”. The user taps it, it directs him to the Google Play store, he downloads the Y game and installs it and he gets 10 diamonds in X game.

Do you know of any plugin that can help with something like this? I’ve even seen some games that don’t give you those 10 diamonds until after you complete a tutorial or something, how do they do that?

I don’t even know if there’s a term for this (is this the so called “deep linking”?), whenever I search for something related to rewards when downloading other games I find stuff about Unity Ads, but I don’t think this really helps me (especially since I want to manually choose which game to offer the user to download for the reward).

I’d really appreciate any info you guys could give me on this, thanks!

If there is no way to do it, you might try entering a code a user receives per app. The code for app A is “111”. The code for app B is “222”, etc etc etc. So in App B, you can ask, “Have you downloaded app A? What was your app A code? Enter it here!” and then you can give them the present.

If you fear people sharing the same codes, you can add hashed prefixes–but since it’s not the point of your question I won’t get into that. Researching Md5 for such security would be helpful.

If you really think you will get money from the game, well contact Tapjoy, they would surely like their ads on a successful game! Cheers!