Rewarded ads are never ready to be shown?

I followed a tutorial on yt and for the first part (interstatial ads) it worked fine, it showed the “this is working” screen instead of the ads. But when i put in the code for tge rewarded ads and play the game and press the button, it Debugs “Rewarded video is not ready at the moment! Please try again!”. And it never works. I sent it to my phone so i could see if anything changes and NO. No ads are showed and no reward is given. Can anybody help?

I Just find the solution on my end, posting here if that might help others.

Basicly if you follow the UNITY Ads tutorial for the rewared ads, they talk about the SurfacingID string.

Basicly you just need to change “rewardedVideo” to the current Ad Units you use for the rewarded Ads.
You can find the Ad Units you are on, in your unity dashbord → Monetize → Project → overview → Ad Unit.
By default it should be something like Rewaded_Android / Rewarded_Ios.

string mySurfacingId = “rewardedVideo”;

Change to —>

string mySurfacingId = “Rewarded_Android”;