Rewarded ads not showing using advertisement legacy

i made a game with ads, now all my ads work fine, when I build the game to android and tested it, I can see banner example ads and interstitial example ads, but when I go to rewarded ads I cant see them, nothing happens, the way my ads work is that banner and interstitial are automatically show during gameplay or at start of new level. rewarded ads work inside a reward menu, player click a button and then he watch ad then he unlock reward. now my rewarded ads in unity work fine, I can see the example ad showing in unity, my button works, my functionally work, I can press 5 times, watch ads, unlock reward and use the rewards. when I click button in build on android the button doesn’t do anything. what I wanna know is does rewarded ads don’t show because there are no example ads to show in build? can I only see rewarded ads when its published on the store? cause I don’t think there is an actual bug here, if I can see example ads in unity, why not in build?

im wondering something, i have done some testing on my buttons since the problem seems to come from there, I use onclick events, and now it seems these work in mobile too when players click buttons. i also use event triggers but this works only on my player and I have only 1 I use. what I wonder is, could ads work only with mobile inputs like event triggers? my other ads are not active by buttons, they show automaticlly.

I found the issue, I was calling the load function in awake in ad manager, thinking this loads all ads in the ad manager script when the player first enters the game (ad manager and initialization are located there). i moved my load call and placed it back inside my rewarded script, now it works fine and gets called when a button is pressed, it loads the ad, and then shows it.