Rewarding Facebook and Twitter shares

I know Apple forbid these, but I would like to use this in Android at least.

So in order to share an app you can use OpenURL, but how can I know if the app has really been shared.

I would also like to reward liking my Facebook page or following my twitter account, I’ve seen other apps do this so it has to be possible somehow right?

I would like to know this too

You’ll find that Facebook doesn’t look too kindly on that kind of behaviour either. Of course, loads of games do it though so it’s up to you if you want to take that risk or not.

In order to properly share, you should use the Facebook unity SDK. From within that you can make an API request to share and see the response of that share (i.e. complete, canceled, error etc). Based on that response, you can then take some action.

See: Unity SDK - Documentation - Meta for Developers and FB.ShareLink - Unity SDK - Documentation - Meta for Developers

To see if someone likes your page you will probably need to look at querying the Graph API for the ‘likes’ object. Again, Facebook don’t really want you to do this so you won’t find much in the way of official documentation but this will be a good starting point: (you may need to just convert to c# and call the relevant api methods)