Rewind? *confused*

Hello Unity3D developers. I am an indie developer and I am currently working on a "Portal" like game. What I want to do is rewind (turn the time back). How can I do this?

P.S. I'm using Unity3D 2.6

PhysX will not allow you to reverse physics, so you'd have to do all of the physics yourself. (Or track and save the positions of objects so you can disable physics during backwards-time and move everything "backwards")

Your going to want to do something along these lines. Determine what states you need to save and what you can reverse calculate. It is a technique commonly used in racing game replay systems.

Search for Replay project in Unity in the page:

Documentation in PDF and Replay Demo

Ok, I figured it out, you could edit the code to achieve this effect. Or else create a script that records the position of gameObject every tenth of a second, and the type of animation that is currently running in your program to do two versions of each animation, one normal and one for when you're back in time When you're back in time, take the position gameObject animation and inverse ...

Hope this helps ..