RFYL - 3 Month VIDEO Update!


Plenty of new stuff on display. ENEMIES. LEVELS. MUSIC. LOCAL CO-OP ft. EGG DUDE. Most of it works! Pretty happy with how this is shaping up! Greatly appreciate your feedback and follows. Cheers yall This forum has been a monumental help in my education of all things game-making :)

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I should've come up with a better name for my thread :( lol.

Anyway, here's the 5 Month gameplay trailer! Thanks for checking it out!


This looks scary in a good way.

Looks like a game that will be fun with co op multiplayer.

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Hooray!! That's exactly the vibe I'm chasing- I want it to be fun, somewhat humorous, and some legitimate fear moments too.

Very excited to keep expanding the coop system. I think if I ever do a sequel I'll look into online co-op, but for now I think I'll be keeping it to 2 players locally.

Thanks for taking time to check it out and your feedback :)