ridiculous load time using Resources.Load() on android build

Hello, i’m using Resources.Load and Resources.LoadAll to load some sprite textures from resources.
in the unity editor all is good, takes less than 2 seconds to load my game.
when i try to build to android however, it takes literally in excess of 2-3 minute to load the textures!
the textures are large-ish (3 textures, around 8 mb each) but they’re not massive, i don’t see how it can take multiple minutes to load this in android when its less than 2 seconds in the editor.

anyone know how to speed up texture loading in android using resources.load? thanks

Same for me, it only happens with Unity 2021.3.7f1 for unity 2020.3 it is performing as normal

same thing here, 2020.1 works fine (7 segs load android device) , 2021.3.8f1 (5 mins of load android device)