Rig Builder breaks when I constrain a joint by something not in the animate hierarchy.

I have a character set up to hold a gun and aim with the upper body based on this tutorial:

If I un-parent "LookAt" from the xbot model, this happens:

This forces me to make some unpleasant changes to my scripts so my character works. This limitation seems to be a bug or a mistake on my part since the tutorial I linked before constrains the motion of the head by a LookAt object that is a child of the main camera at timestamp 9:40. Can anybody tell me what I did wrong?


Yes this is a common issue when the changing transforms at runtime like that.

But why are you unparenting? Why not just change the weight of the aim constraint to 0?

Thanks for the response but I'm not changing the transforms at run time. The two screenshots are separate plays of the game with the only difference being where LookAt lies in the heirarchy. I don't really want my LookAt object to be a child of xbot because I don't want the LookAt object to rotate when the model does. So if I have a camera like that of fortnite orbiting the character, I would want the look at object to be a child of the camera. Then if the camera looks up, then the character will look up as well.

Ah ok, can you turn off burst like they are suggesting? It will give you a more detailed version of the error which would help you fix it.

I have come to think I am actually misunderstanding the animation rigging workflow. I get this exception because I am using the package wrong, so I have this issue figured out. But thanks for your suggestions anyways!