Rigged Animated Character floating around

My character animates correctly in Blender and in the Animation preview window of Unity, but when played in the game it slides around. Any idea why this might be happening? Bake into Pose is checked for Root Transform Rotation, PositionYXZ.

Please see video as example.


did you copy paste the keyframes into a new animation clip you made?
did you click on the prefab to edit the animations that were imported with it?

if animated in blender, gotta make sure the reference pose is correct and you're using the right human meta rig to work with animation rigging
there's a whole different workflow for each

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In Blender, the character was originally rigged and animated with Rigify. We were having trouble with Rigify and Unity, so we used the Game Rig Tool Add On to change the control rig to a game rig deform, which is supposed to make the FBX more Unity friendly. The animations from the original rig are baked into this new rig using this tool. The new rig with body and head mesh were then exported as FBX. Can you clarify “reference pose”?

In Unity, the rig is set as Humanoid. Animations are Clips and applied where changed. The animator is also set up with animations brought in with the new rig. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “edit the animations”.

Thanks for helping. I’m a new game designer, but even those at work who’ve been using Unity longer than I have are struggling to understand what’s going on here.

Pictured are the animation clips on the character model in Unity, and the Rig hierarchy in Blender that’s exported as FBX.


I was playing around in Unity in the Import Rig Settings, and I changed the Animation type to Generic and Applied. That didn't work. So, I changed it back to Humanoid and Applied. Now, it's miraculously no long sliding around, but it does do this strange sinking thing. Again, in Blender the animation and rig don't move up or down like it's doing in Unity. Does this strange update help in diagnosing the issue?


if you Click on the imported FBX you can see some animation stuff in the inspector.

what I like to do is make a single long master animation that has all the animations in a single file then use this inspector to create the individual animations for each action.

if you click the + tab it creates a copy of the animation but then you just define the keyframes it uses.
it creates read-only animations and stores them nested inside the prefab. For example this creatures walk is from frame 60 to 90.

Also note there's toggle for Looptime, Loop Pose and reference pose.

But I bet there's something going on with the auto rigging.
i just do rigging manual in blender so if i ever run into a problem i understand what the deal is.