Right eye not rendering in VR (URP Issue)

Hey I use a GTX 780M, it’s able to play Alyx, Boneworks and Pavlov.

But in some Unity games (including my own project before) the right eye doesn’t render.

It seems to be an issue with importing character prefabs from one project where everything is set to use the standard pipeline to a project with URP.

I managed to get around it for my project but there are a LOT of games that straight up don’t work for me because of this issue, every update of B&S past 9.3, AB Aeterno, Popuiation One, VTOL VR etc.

I know the GPU can handle VR and that it’s a compatibility issue, I’m able to play those games on my 260x which has half the amount of VRAM.

Especially with VR games continually getting easier to run thanks to OpenFSR.

Is there anyone here who would like to work with me to see if we can make a fix for it? I’m not really good with backtracking bugs.

The last time I had missing eye renders was because the content wasn’t built with single-pass instanced mode turned on. This created shaders where single-pass eye rendering wasn’t enabled.
You need to enable that and regenerate the content (assetbundles for example) and the 2nd eye will re-appear.

I was facing the same problem, for anyone with the same issue please watch the following tutorial: