Rigid Body Collision Detection

I have an imported .obj Maze object that I turned into a mesh collider. I also have a sphere Rigid Body object. The maze is controlled by the players mouse, letting it tilt in the Z and X Axis. The ball is supposed to fall into the maze then the player tilts the maze to guide the ball to the end. All that happens is the ball falls into the maze and either A:Doesn’t move B:Starts jumping around erratically for no reason or C: Falls straight through the Maze mesh. I’ve tried the Generate Colliders option for the Maze Mesh. I’ve tried making the ball smaller, starting it from different heights, turning on Continuous Dynamic in the collision detection and changing the size of the sphere collider on it. I also tried turning on the convex and smooth sphere collision options on the maze collider. All of this to no avail, I have uploaded a short video of my progress so far if anyone would like a visual reference for what I’m trying to accomplish. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My guess is that you are moving/tilting the maze using transform.Rotate or similar. The physics engine hates that, as it can’t see that the maze is moving. Everything that has a collider and moves should have a rigidbody attached to it and movement of these objects should be done by the corresponding methods of the rigidbody component.