Rigid body Help Please

Im fairly new to unity so what im about to ask maybe silly but anyways

im using unity 3.2 and im building a 2d platformer using unitys 2d platformer controller. i wanted to add some obstacles in the way of my character Eg a pile of boxes and when my character jumps or runs into them they get knocked over and roll about the place. i dont however want my characters position to be effected. ive tried adding a rigid body to the boxes but they wont fall when the player hits them. and when i added one to the player also the player went "crazy"

So my question really is can my character hit a box with a rigid body and have the box be affected by physics but my character be unchanged.

Any help would be awesome

Maybe you could add a collider to the object and a rigidbody(so it behaves properally) and then add a script that on the OnColliderHit function you find your character controller and set the position of it relative to where it was just before it hit the object. I dont know if it helps that much! Sorry Im a newbie to Unity too! Great tutorials here might help 3DBuzz Its all the basics of Unity really helped me