rigid body not following floor of terrain

Hey guys my 3rd person character isn't following the floor terrain. It just remains walking flat. It moves up when climbing hills though but then that sets a new height for it.
What things effects this.
shouldn't gravity be keeping me hugged to the ground?

Maybe it has something to do with my player movement script
The 0f

void Move (float h, float v){ // move player in direction
movement.Set (h,0f,v);
movement = movement.normalized * speed * Time.deltaTime;
playerRigidbody.MovePosition (transform.position + movement);

Doesn't Mass and Drag get calculated in gravity? Try changing drag to .5?

  • ah infinity is the opposite of what I was thinking...

What are the settings in Edit > Project Settings > Physics?

If you look at the docs it shows gravity being set, and affecting the y axis over time...

So you might have to have something that will change your movement.y and attach it to the games gravity?