Rigid body or Ragdoll

how do i made a character armature to be rigid body?? not all, only hairs part bones to be ragdolls!! but the others nothing!!

There is a tool that creates rag dolls in Unity but you need to rig your character up with bones in whatever 3D modelling software you use. Just drag in the individual parts of your character into the labelled boxes and press create. It does only work properly for human like models (not dogs or cats) and the model should be in the T-stance.

If you wanted to manually rig your model you need to add rigid bodies, colliders and joints to each part that moves and set up the variables for the appropriate movement.

To effectively create a ‘partial’ ragdoll there’s precise steps to be followed:

  • add a rigidbody to the ‘main’ part, which parents the part to ragdoll
  • add a character joint, a rigidbody and a collider to the part to ragdoll
  • connect the joint “connected body” property to the ‘main’ part rigidbody
  • set the ‘main’ part rigidbody as ‘kinematic’ (won’t fall with gravity, etc.)

This ensures that the part to ragdoll has an ‘anchor’ that’ll determine how will rotation and translation be performed.