Rigidbodies moving with flow of water


Had a cursory look through the forums and a lot of questions were about buoyancy, which is important for what I need.

What I’m looking for is for someone to point me in the direction of an asset, tutorial or topics to look up so objects that will move with the flow of water when they are pushed into a river.

For example, if I dropped a crate into a water prefab/mesh it would move in a set direction the water is ‘travelling’ and then stop at a dam or obstacle.

Anyone that could point me in the direction of a free asset or tutorial would be great.


I made a script so when the OBJECT gets under the WaterLevel it gets pushed up with force. the same you could do like On collision if the collision object is Moving river/z/X than Add force … Not that hard. Hard is making good water, but that floating is just maybe annoying because you need to set it for evrything. Than you need to make a script that auto find out if it will float and how fast.