Rigidbodies not colliding. Help needed ASAP

My zombies chase me, they have colliders and rigidbodies attached, yet when they collide they act as if they don’t ‘collide’ they just go through eachother. Could this be caused because I set the velocity at a flat rate instead of adding force?

Below the green is 12 capsule rigidbodies set to follow the yelow:

First, start with the simple stuff. Make sure the colliders are set correctly(I miss this all the time). It probably isn’t a problem with the way you are moving them, because I use rigidbody.velocity to move stuff all the time where forces won’t work. Check the collision detection type. Maybe you should use continuous rather than discreet. Also, kinematic rigidbodies don’t always work right when using Rigidbody.velocity. If you would post the code you are using, I might be able to see for sure what is causing the problem. I hope this helped in some way.