Rigidbodies not working correctly

I have a simple game where there are several towers of stacked blocks. The main character is a simple ball that’s supposed to crash into those blocks and knock everything over. It’s basically a physics playground. I originally developed the game on a relatively low power computer and the collisions worked fine and the towers would topple. However, when I run the game on a modern, fast computer, the collisions are detected, but nothing happens when I collide into the tower of blocks. None of the settings have been changed. Why are the physics varying between computers of different speeds?

You problem is probably that of moving the ball in Update instead of FixedUpdate. Since your new computer is more powerful it is calling Update more times. This can cause the ball to then slip through the colliders. FixedUpdate (as it’s name implies) is updated at a fixed interval while Update is called as fast as it can (each frame) meaning if it is faster than fixed update some physics won’t detect properly. Try putting your ball movement into that and see if it works. That or try moving your ball with physics (forces and such) instead of moving the ball directly.