rigidbodies pass through each other, both on same layer.

A total nube question but I downloaded a scene from the asset store and added a cube (std) and a bottle (asset store) to it. I put them both in the air and the cube lands on the floor while the bottle falls thru it.

When I inspect both items, they both have a transform, mesh filter, mesh renderer, a mesh collider, and I added a rigidbody to both. Both of these use ‘gravity’ and have their layer set to default. The only diff I can spot is that the bottle is instantiated from a prefab and has some prefab buttons (open/select/overrides).

Any idea what I could be missing?

Two things to check:

  • Is the bottle collider set to IsTrigger = true? If so, set to false.
  • Is the bottle mesh collider set to Convex = false? If so, set to true.

The convex= true fixed it. Thanks!