rigidbodies pickup momentum from animation

I am trying to have a moving character go into ragdoll when running.

I have a nice ragdoll, that I can enable and disable, but I cant seem to have the body keep its momentum when going into ragdoll.

Is there a way to let the rigidbodies pickup momentum from animations?

I figured it out! The key was to set animation.animatePhysics to true, while enabling all the the rigidbodies via setting the kinematic and gravity flags to false.

After a couple of frames I disable the animation, and enable gravity on the rigidbodies and my character continues its momentum in ragdoll.

I spent some time though figuring out that animatePhysics has to be enabled for a while to work.

Hope someone can use this info. :)

When you switch from animating the nodes to using rigidbodies, you could explicitly set the velocities for each of them, by setting Rigidbody.velocity. In typical cases, just getting the velocity of the whole character (which you can probably get from your character motion script somehow, otherwise make a custom script which measures it by taking the distance moved between two frames and the deltaTime), should be enough for good effects.