Rigidbody activating on trigger,rigidbody activated on trigger

Hello I can’t seem to find a working way to make rigidbody activate on trigger. I want a piece of ground to fall on the player when he get’s into a trigger. If someone knows how to do it please share. (Sorry for bad english)

Hello !

By itself, disabling a rigidbody is pointless, as the component simply means that the game object will be influenced by physics. And the physical rules can be configured in the component.

For what you’re looking for, just change the Rigidbody’s “Gravity” parameter in the Inspector, from 0 to 1 for example.

Rigidbody2D.gravityScale or RigidBody.useGravity

Then just create a collider with isTrigger = true, and when the player passes through it, the OnTriggerEnter () method lets you change the severity.

Hope this helps you.