rigidbody addforce behaves different every time

i am using addforce to throw objects but object travel distance changes every time sometimes it goes 5 units sometimes 1 not sure why

i fixed the problem by using fixeldelta time im calling my function from update but its only called when key pressed and its called once so you get one inconsistent value from time.deltatime but fixeddeltatime gives a constant value so bomb power same everytime, thanks for the suggestions

you don’t need to multiply it with “Time.deltaTime”. PhysX has already added this into rigidbody and multiplaying it just making it back to be unstable.
It is like having this (Time.deltaTime * Time.deltaTime).

also if dealing with single frame use rb.AddForce (x,y,z, ForceMode.Impulse) as mentioned also by @NicRule.

but if you really want to have more fixed value for jumping use rb.velocity = new Vector3(x,y,z);