Rigidbody.addforce not working

Im trying to get my card objects to spread out randomly but nothing happens. I know the method is called cause i get the prints in the console for each card. But they dont move. No errors reported. The cards have a rigidbody.

	public static void CardCascade ()
			print ("CARD CASCADE!");
			foreach (var card in Card.Cards) {
					float range = 500F;

					var x = Random.Range (-range, range);
					var y = Random.Range (-range, range);						
					card.rigidbody.AddForce (x, y, 0);
					print ("I just added force to card: X/Y " + x + y);

Mmm okay try using this modefication

float x = UnityEngine.Random.Range(-range,range);
float y = UnityEngine.Random.Range(-range,range);

card.rigidbody.AddForce(new Vector3(x,y,0),ForceMode.Impulse);