Rigidbody AddForce/Velocity & gravity - mysterious interference


I was messing with my character’s movement code, attempting to add in the ability to move along sloped surfaces, when his ability to jump suddenly ceased to work. The method I use for it involved using rigidbody.velocity to add an upward force on the Y-axis and, after some more testing, I’ve found that it’s affecting every bit of code I have that utilizes the rigidbody, including AddForce, the actual gravity, and anything else using a rigidbody in any scene ever.

This is even after getting rid of anything I had added to the script prior, which leads me to believe that some sort of breakdown in Unity itself is the cause. It is, to say the least, incredibly vexing, as I’ve no idea how on earth it happened, nor do I know what I could do to fix it. Any ideas?

Apparently, the trigger colliders I had attached to the character were interfering with the movement. I’ve no idea HOW they were, but that’s a question of its own.