Rigidbody.addForce() with a slow timescale

Hi everyone!
I need to be able to throw some boxes at the player’s position with addForce() from Rigidbody. It’s ok, very easy, however I need to do this with a slow motion effect using TimeScale, but when I do this, looks like the AddForce is affected somehow by the timescale and the boxes almost does not move… =(

Any advice?

Thanks in advance! =]

Try Time.timeScale = ( 0.5f * Time.deltaTime );

  • Use appropriate value instead 0.5f

From Time.timeScale:

If you lower timeScale it is recommended to also lower Time.fixedDeltaTime by the same amount.


When timeScale is 1.0 the time is passing as fast as realtime. When timeScale is 0.5 the time is passing 2x slower than realtime.

So I’m not sure what @harschell thinks Time.timeScale = ( 0.5f * Time.deltaTime ); is going to do, but I think that it’s going to set the Timescale to really super low.

At least based off what the documentation says. Could be wrong on that one.