Rigidbody AddTorque() stops working occasionally

In a simple 2.5D shooter, I have a spaceship that rotates around the y axis. All rotation is controlled through the Rigidbody (using AddTorque) and it is constrained in the other 2 axis. The ship also thrusts forward (using AddForce). Simple enough.

Occasionally and for no reason I can discern, the AddTorque stops having any effect. The AddForce continues to work. The ship remains unable to turn until it is involved in a collision. Then the AddTorque suddenly works again. A collision with a trigger has no effect.

I’m at a loss as to how to investigate this. Any suggestions?

I have managed to solve this one. The problem was that at some point I had rotated the GameObject by 45 degrees in the editor. I assume this caused some kind of gimble lock.
Thanks to Bunny83 for the reply. It helped me focus on the areas to look in which is what I was after.