Rigidbody and collider Sendmessage delay error

Hey guys i have a slight problem, its not actually effecting gameplay but i dont like errors in my log =P. Anyways the problem is this. I have a projectile with a rigidbody attached and set to is Kinematic, and i have another object with a box collider and set as a trigger. When my projectiles OnTriggerEnter goes off i have it do a sendmessage to the collider if its tag is the right one which decrements thats gameobjects health. Now the problem is that my projectiles shoot in pairs so there are instances where when they collide into the trigger it only takes one of them to kill the trigger object thus deleting it. However the other projectile still attempts to sendmessage the trigger because both projectiles hit at the same time generally and generates SendMessage AdjustHealth has no receiver! error in my logs. Is this a huge issue to have in the warning logs or is this just some kind of unfixable/ not important error that i can leave alone?

I hope i described it well enough and thanks in advanced for your help!

You probably use DestroyImmediate in your source of AdjustHealth. Try using Destroy instead, since it will postpone the deletion to the end of the frame, after your physics callbacks.

Another option would be to check the receiver for null and use SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver.

If you're serious about your production, treat all warnings as errors. Fix them before going to bed. Don't take shortcuts. :)