Rigidbody and colliders, "weight" problem

Hello, I’ll quickly describe my problem:
the spaceship is a rigidbody in a box collider. When I apply a collider, the ship becomes “heavier” (I don’t know if it’s normal, but I accept it).
I added a script that enable a “shield” around the ship when a key is pressed, so the ship doesn’t receive damage when it is active. The shield has a collider, obviously, and it’s instantiated as child of the “shield generator” (an empty object, child of the ship).

When I activate the shield, the ship gets heavier for the same reason written above, but the weird thing is that when the shield goes away (it lasts X seconds), the ship stays heavy.
At first I tought the collider of the shield was still attached to my ship, but I tested it just colliding against an object and I’m sure there’s no collider… So, why my ship is still that heavy?

This problem is driving me crazy, I can’t figure out how to fix it.

Thanks in advance :wink:

the collider is still attached unless you destroyed it after use and it should have existed before you pressed the shield button.

I’m not sure how your doing this collider generation but the way you should be doing it is disabling and enabling the collider.

Destroying and spawning the collider is more intensive. the collider should always be there and just be “on” or “off”.

Once you have the colliders always there the weight will be constant, as expected and you can simply adjust your propulsion to look correct.

I think I have a similar problem: I add a box as a child to this object with a rigidbody, and it suddenly shifts to the side where the box is, as if the center of mass has been changed. So maybe colliders don’t have a mass, but they are included in how the center of mass is calculated. Right?