rigidbody axis problem

So I’m trying to get my character to slide. I’ve tried getting him to stick to the normals but that doesn’t work super well with rigidbodies. I found that the best solution is to have a little plate shaped cube as the feet that glide along the floor while the rest of the body weighs nothing. As soon as the feet lift from the ground, I add weight to the rigidbody so that I can make him spin. The “feet” and the “body” each have a separate rigidbody and are attatched with a fixed joint.

This works perfectly when the character is grounded. I’m able to control his movement and he doesn’t topple over because the body doesn’t weight anything while he is grounded. However, as soon as he isn’t grounded anymore, I switch all the weight over to the body and the feet weigh nothing, but the axis is still around the feet but it should be at the center of the body. Even though the spin script is attached to the body, not the feet.

I would try to use a single rigidbody and change rigidbody.centerOfMass when needed - centerOfMass shows the center of mass position relative to the transform position. For instance: rigidbody.centerOfMass = Vector3(0,-2,0) places the mass below the object, what makes a capsule behave like a Bop Bag.

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